Purr-eakfast in bed is a short about love, food, and sleeping in.

This film taught me so much about my limits as an animator. I did a lot in a very short amount of time, Which forced me to make things as simple as possible. I’m excited to have more complexity in my next film. I also had help with animating the last shot for the film, which was such a huge help. I haven’t collaborated as a director in a long time, and I am planning to do that for my thesis film. I also learned that if you are having other people help animate, you need a LOT more pre-production work to help them get up to speed/to know the character, so I’m taking that with me as well. Overall, I’m really proud of this, and it’s given me a lot of really valuable lessons for me to carry along with the rest of my career.


Director/lead animator:
Grey Anderson

Animation assistance:
El Starcher
Mathias Grove

Sound Assistance:

Your Love, Young Logos

Pre-Production, Animatic, and work in progress stills: